New products for furniture makers and upholsterers

The VR application and viewer, thanks to which you can easily show your client interactive visualization of furniture designed in the room, a programmable desktop height controller, remote controlled frames for beds and upholstered furniture, automatic cutter or a modern system to arrange apartment in a smart and convenient way – these are only some of the new products that will be presented at the stands by the exhibitors of the FURNICA 2018 International Trade Fair of Components for Furniture Production and the SOFAB 2018 International Trade Fair of Upholstery Fabrics and Components for Upholstered Furniture (Poznań, 11-14 August 2018). For furniture manufacturers, the Fairs in Poznań are an ideal opportunity to get acquainted with the latest offer of the market and gain a competitive advantage.

Half of exhibitors from abroad

The market of machines, materials and components for furniture production in Poland now appears to be divided among several major players who largely dominated the wholesale. However, there are plenty of companies the offer of which can often be significantly cheaper or otherwise more attractive than that of the leading Polish tycoons. Visitors to the FURNICA and SOFAB Fairs have an opportunity to get directly acquainted with new products and technologies offered by manufacturers who are looking for their place in the promising Polish market. This year, innovative offer will be presented at the Fairs by the exhibitors from as many as 16 countries: Austria, China, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Spain, Israel, Latvia, Germany, Poland, the United States, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine and Italy.

The most interesting innovations that will be admired in Poznań include, for example, the obserVeR application by the CAD Projekt K&A company, which, in combination with the VR goggles, allows the user to have a virtual walk around the designed interior. This product is particularly attractive for companies offering custom-made furniture designed for specific rooms. The project can also be seen in the application, and the user can move around using a computer mouse and keyboard. Another trend that can be observed at this year's exhibition is the increasing use of automation in furniture construction. It applies both cabinet and upholstered furniture. One of the registered new products is a programmable control panel by the Kryza company to adjust table top height. It offers the possibility to program the height settings of three individual users, and also up to three individual height settings of a single user. At any time, you can also use buttons to adjust the table top height without affecting the programmed height. Automatic remote control also allows the Kangur frame by Sigma BK, integrated with an electric actuator, to be uses in beds. Visitors' interest will be also aroused by the frame by the same manufacturer, opened using hydraulic cylinders, which allows the user to hide the bed vertically or horizontally to a wardrobe, or the electrical headrest by MotionItalia for narrow and high backrests which, connected with reclainer, makes it possible to set a comfortable position for watching TV. A very interesting solution presented at this year's Fairs in Poznań by LST industries are sofa or bed legs equipped with retractable balls which, thanks to their built-in mini engines allow the user to remotely control and move the furniture.

The exhibitors will also present a wide range of modern, automated machines for cutting upholstery materials and foam. In addition to the manufacturers already known from the previous editions of the Fairs, such as Allcomp, KSM Kumor Stańdo, Semaco or Intex, also the companies that have returned to Poznań after a break, such as Lectra or Strima, will present their machines. The latter has planned the premiere of the year at the SOFAB Fair - an automatic cutter designed for anyone who wants to cut at low cost, quickly and easily. The exhibition will also feature of course, the latest designs of fabrics and leathers by companies such as Armado, SIC, Decor Arte or Textil Roig.

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